Decoding Silicon Valley: Bate-papo com a autora Michelle Messina

20 Out 2016 17h - 20 Out 2016 19h Wayra Brasil

Quer saber tudo sobre o Vale do Silício?

Então, venha conversar com Michelle Messina, autora do livro Decoding Silicon Valley junto com Jonathan C. Baer.

O bate-papo acontece na Wayra Brasil e será em inglês! Por isso, let's change the language and start it NOW!
Silicon Valley is not the birthplace of all tech-based startups, nor the source of all venture capital, but over the past fifty years, the Valley’s entrepreneurs have refined the art of company-building into a science. A certain mystique has developed about Silicon Valley, one that gets distorted and magnified the farther away from the Valley you are.

The world believes that Silicon Valley is the place to start and build a technology company into a global leader.

But how does it actually work?

Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide is designed to help you better understand and appreciate Silicon Valley—including the more subtle aspects of the Valley that are, in fact, hidden in plain sight. You will learn about Silicon Valley best practices, and about the Valley’s unique vantage point for evaluating startups. We help you understand the rules that can and should be broken, and the value of experimenting and iterating until you either find success, or run out of time and money and fail.

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