European Djs Contest 2015

01 Jan 2015 11h - 31 Jan 2015 11h

General information of the event.

Artdesi Music ft KLM & Redbull presents one of the most anticipated events of the year.

The company and group Artdesi, SGPS, initiated a comprehensive search of the best(new) existing names in the European artistic market more directed to the world of Dj´s.

This same event will be diffused(online)from the respective general headquarters of the group based in the beautiful beach of Verona in Miami Beach,Florida, US starting on 01January with completion on 31January 2015.

It will bean event(online)where we get in the Studio(local)the presence, participation, interview and performance of some of the best(current) the producers time to operate on the market, such as artistic,Armin Van Buuren,Carl Cox,Avicii and more guests.The same event will be disseminated via(online)through the company's current social channels,more precisely on Youtube™and retrospectively with the DVD for sale commercial spaces in the sector.

Information to competitors in the event.

All artists may try to compete for the event in question and thus gain an excellent premium 3 x 1. However should take into consideration the rules down explicit. a member and citizen only and exclusively from the European Union,as well as short on your respective Legal Identification Document(ID,passport or other).

2.Be possessed of Great Artistic Certificate (Diploma of Dj &production)

3.can't ever run solely mashups or remixes.

4.can not in any way have had or currently have any kind of criminal case of plagiarism or other similar Legal Forum.

5.cannot have any kind of verbal or written contract with another company or management agency current Internationally.

6.can not in any way have any type of personal or professional hindrance to move outside your geographical area at any time.

7.Respect in full all the rules here as well as explicit seal by the good name and prestige of the company and its legal representatives(as an artists citizen).

Information to guests to participate in the event location.

The event will be available to the entire general public wishing to enter the same.

Every citizen to join the event in question will be adequately informed about entry of General Headquarters of the company about some rules to take into question.

Any guest who wish to participate in the event in the(local) will have at your disposal services (free)parking facilities as well as surveillance and security proved.

Will including hosting services in more than 100 hotel and spaces existing into geographical area and surroundings as well as local public health services and others.

Organizers of the event and others.

Main Organizer: Artdesi™ International Artists"SGPS"

Second Organizer: KLM™

Sub-Organizer: Redbull™

Official Sponsors: VenDjs™;HP™;Marriott™;Chamber of Florida;Amen;Armada management;Google™;NBC™as well as a number of other others.