Do you want to build a Sustainable Social Enterprise?

05 Nov 2014 10h CIC


Impact Hub Floripa

A Hub Escola é o maior festival de inovação social na prática do Brasil.

Start up business are in continual stress and evolution. Beneficiaries needs were not well understood. Solutions do not work as expected. Money is always about to run out next!

How can they be nimble and flexible without losing focus on the original mission?

(Este workshop será todo em inglês e não haverá tradução simultânea)


This inter-active workshop is designed for social entrepreneurs who are at an early stage of building their businesses, and are looking for a framework to accelerate and scale. It is appropriate for both for-profit and not for profit entities.


Using interactive discussions and real life examples we will discuss factors such as beneficiary needs, successful solutions, finances, organization, forecasting, impact metrics and funding.

Each participant will create a short investor pitch.


Michael Wray is a mentor in the Santa Clara University, California, Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI®) a hub for global, innovation-based entrepreneurship in service to humanity. Over the last five years he has worked with social enterprises in India, the Philippines and other countries to accelerate their growth and impact.

GSBI® programs have helped social entrepreneurs in over 55 countries since 2003. 202 enterprises have completed GSBI programs and nearly 100 million people’s lives have been positively impacted by these enterprises. 40% of the enterprises are scaling, meaning that impact is growing in a financially sustainable manner. This scaling rate is more than three times that of conventional for-profit ventures. $89 million of funding has been raised by enterprises post-GSBI programs.

A venda de ingressos acaba 24 horas antes da realização do workshop.

Atenção, as vagas são limitadas!

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