Gamification Workshop w/ Dustin DiTommaso

05 Dez 2013 09h Fundacao Getulio Vargas


Playing games is the prototypical example for an intrinsically motivating activity, and motivation in healthcare is a pivotal issue. Each year, billions of dollars are spent to move our behaviors in a healthier direction to avert crises such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other costly and painful afflictions. Leveraging the motivational dynamics of gameplay to energize and sustain people through behavior change is a challenging yet profound solution.

Participants in this hands-on workshop will learn the mechanics of clinically tested behavior change interventions as well as the techniques game designers use to motivate, engage and reward players through a game's lifecycle. A practical, step-by-step methodology will be introduced and built upon throughout the session, resulting in a scalable framework and process for designing playful and practical behavior change games.

Upon completion of the workshop, participant teams will have designed (and pitched) structured behavior change games, collaboratively learning how to craft game objectives that facilitate change, proper goal-setting, optimal challenge and reward patterns, feedback loops and skill cycles, leveraging social influence and community dynamics, applying metaphor and theme, breakthrough brainstorming, game balancing and play-testing techniques.




Fundacao Getulio Vargas

São Paulo, São Paulo