Workshop Dana Chisnell

14 Nov 2013 10h - 14 Nov 2013 14h Bairro do Recife

Seems like everyone is talking about great design. Great design isn’t just for websites, watches, and widgets anymore. Governments and community organizations are realizing the importance of design for their communities, and there’s a lot of talk about what great design means in the civic space. Some people are actually working on it -- maybe that’s you.

Discussion and brainstorming about ways in which UX researchers and designers are contributing to and can make a difference in civic life at every level. We'll share successes and lessons learned in working with civic bodies, like municipal and national government departments.

Much of the session will be about sharing experiences and ideas around crowd sourcing research methods and techniques.

We'll also discuss ways North American UXers are getting involved in civic design, and what's happening in Brazil and across South America in civic design.

We'll brainstorm ways for UXers to contribute to civic life more actively and generate ideas for realistic, implementable projects.

4 horas

09h / November 14

Recommended background for participants:
Experience with, or desire to take part in hackathons, design jams, and similar exercises for user research in community, government activities, with or without open data from the government.

R$ 99,00

* Não haverá reembolso do valor em caso de desistência após 7 dias da data da compra.

* O workshop será em inglês. Não haverá tradução simultânea.