Serendipity by Design

13 Nov 2013 10h - 14 Nov 2013 14h Bairro do Recife Antigo

Workshop: Serendipity by Design: The Design Studio as a Force for Creativity, Learning, and Criticism

Design is the cultural practice of controlled chaos within a space and mindset that allow for collisions to occur between ideas, objects, and people that wouldn’t otherwise so that these accidents can lead to serendipity of discovering what wasn’t there previously. 

The studio is this space and criticism is the method of controlling the chaos. Finally, an open mind is the required mindset.

In this practice-based workshop, you will participate in exercises centered around core concepts in design. The workshop will help you experience, if just for a short while, what happens in a design studio and how you can start filling your life with creative serendipity for yourself and your workspace.

The workshop will cover four main topics:

Creative Thinking: The ability to connect that which has not been connected before is core to the creative culture that drives great design.

Making it visual: Learn how to process and analyze creativity from the designer’s perspective – moving first from imagination, then towards analysis.

Design principles: Learn how to create design principles and use them as the core means of controlling the chaos and drive great design decisions.

The Studio: What does it take to build a studio? What isn’t it? Why does it work? What if I’m not near the people I work with?


8 hours (4 hours each day)


13 and 14 November, 2013 / Recife, Brazil


Recommended background for participants:

Curious and unfamiliar with classical design studio





*As vagas serão limitadas a 40 participantes.

*Não haverá reembolso do valor em caso de desistência após 7 dias da data da compra.


*O workshop será em inglês. Não haverá tradução simultânea.

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