Lou Rosenfeld: Adaptable Information Architecture

14 Nov 2013 10h - 14 Nov 2013 14h Bairro do Recife Antigo


Adaptable Information Architecture

Lou Rosenfeld, co-author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web and Search Analytics for Your Site, will teach you practical skills and show you design approaches that will help you tune, tweak and greatly improve your site’s information architecture while costing your organization far less than a typical redesign initiative.

You’ll learn:

How to prioritize the IA challenges your organization should be addressing, rather than wasting money on ambitious attempts to “boil the ocean”;

Practical steps you can take to tune and improve your site’s:
Top-down navigation (e.g., main page, site index);
Contextual navigation (e.g., moving horizontally through the guts of your content);
Search performance (e.g., search results design, best bets);
Enough about search analytics and content modeling — two overlooked areas that offer huge opportunities for improvement - to get you started.


Practical ways to prioritize and tune your information architecture’s challenges;
A rich combination of lecture, discussion, and a hands-on exercise;
A handout that includes all the slides;
And huge savings from foregoing your next information architecture redesign in favor of a adaptable approach;


4 hours


14 November 2013
Recife, Brazil


Anyone UX practitioner who is interested in making their sites' information easier to find--right away and in the long term.



*As inscrições para esse workshop, e para os demais anunciados durante a semana, serão abertas apenas na quarta-feira, 14 de agosto, as 14h.

*As vagas serão limitadas a 50 participantes.

*Não haverá reembolso do valor em caso de desistência após 7 dias da data da compra.

*O workshop será em inglês. Não haverá tradução simultânea.

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