Network Focused Design

14 Nov 2013 10h - 14 Nov 2013 14h Bairro do Recife Antigo

Products and services are becoming smart. The use of mobile applications is rising. Sensor technology is becoming more accessible while potentially everything nowadays can be connected to the web. New ways of designing and doing business arises. You see new opportunities in all this and want to seize them. But how?

Designing smart products & services demands a different view on innovating. This view requires a careful collaboration of multiple disciplines where technology can be applied from a value-creation perspective.

We help companies create the smart product or service they need to bring their business forward , we do so through our strategy workshop: Network Focused Design.

Network Focused Design (NFD) is a strategy workshop created to discover opportunities to design smart products & services within a multi-disciplinary team. These workshops are normally tailor-made creative sessions where the team puts in practice product design, marketing, business and network theories in a very simple way (using just markers and paper!). The workshop follows a structured process in which the team is guided step by step by a qualified Network Focused Design facilitator.

The main objective of an NFD workshop is to focus on the possibilities of value creation within a digital and physical network. Value creation can lead to new products or services, Apps, more efficient internal processes or improvements in a product line. The results may vary: from rough ideas to detailed concepts, or simply explorations that open new horizons or solid task plans to follow.

Booreiland has guided more than 20 companies to innovate using NFD in various cases like in retail, nature, lighting, security systems and healthcare.


For Interaction South America 13, Booreiland is offering a introductory workshop to get the participants familiarized with the principles of NFD. Normally the workshops are tailor-made to specific companies, with hand-picked participants, therefore it will not be possible to use NFD as thorough as it is normally intended to, but the most important aspects of NFD will be put in practice.


4 hours


14 November, 2103 / Recife, Brazil



Designers, marketers, entrepreneurs – this workshop is multidisciplinary.





*As vagas serão limitadas a 42 participantes.

*Até 15/09, as inscrições serão exclusivas para participantes inscritos no ISA2013.

*Não haverá reembolso do valor em caso de desistência após 7 dias da data da compra.

*O workshop será em inglês. Não haverá tradução simultânea.

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