Mini-courses for teachers

25 Jul 2016 00h - 30 Jul 2016 00h Caltabiano Idiomas REPUBLICA & Caltabiano Idiomas @ 2Work PAULISTA

Invest a few hours of your vacation and enhance your career!

Our mini-courses are short-term courses which aim at helping teachers improve their English, inviting them to reflect on their classroom practices as well as offering a vast array of possibilities that will inspire them to teach dynamic and fun classes. We hope to provide teachers with new techniques and ideas, enabling them to leave each course with practical ready-to-use activities!

Use your credit card and pay in up to 12 installments (check interest rate).

If you would like to use a different payment method, contact us at 34366004 or ;)

The tutors:

Bruna Caltabiano is the co-founder and academic director at Caltabiano Idiomas. She has a degree in Psychology and holds, among others, the Cambridge certificates CPE, ICELT and DELTA Module 1. She is also a Cambridge ESOL speaking examiner. She presents talks and workshops for teachers in national and international events on methodology, didactics, professional development, coordination, entrepreneurship and academic projects. She is the coordinator of the LAMSIG (Special Interest Group on Leadership and Management) at BRAZ-TESOL.

Higor Cavalcante is a teacher and teacher trainer based in São Paulo, Brazil, currently the second vice president of BRAZ-TESOL and president of its TD (Teacher Development) SIG, as well as a teacher and teacher trainer at Caltabiano Idiomas. He’s the author of Inglês para professor, published by Disal Editora in 2015.