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What is Money Coaching?

Money Coaching combines both practical financial advice with sound psychological principles and universal spiritual beliefs to help transform your relationship with money and lead a more purposeful and prosperous life.

Through a step-by-step process, Money Coaching will guide you to a deeper understanding of unconscious beliefs and patterns that create stress, anxiety and fear and prevent you from having the life you desire.

Money Coaching will help you:

● Assess your "money type" and understand the impact it has on your life and your relationship with money.

● Learn to understand how your "money type" was formed and what you can do to change it.

● Rid yourself of financial anxiety and stress based on false beliefs and unconscious patterns.

● Change how you think and feel about money, so that you can unblock the flow of money into your life.

● Discover how money affects your relationships, both at home, work, and play.

● Develop peace of mind through creating a balanced life – financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Please tell me more!

Money Coaching is a process about money as it relates to YOU as a human being: who you are now and who you’re becoming. This is a new field and entirely new paradigm, where Money Coaches are seeking to create greater balance, a higher consciousness and help you to transform your relationship with money.

It involves helping you examine your patterns, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs around money, and gain clarity how these have manifested in your life. A Money Coach helps you identify your money type, and to see how your past experiences with money have impacted the forming of your current money patterns.

The intention of Money Coaching is to help transform the individual and the collective consciousness around money through education, awareness, and empowerment, which is facilitated through coaching, workshops and training.

What does Money Coaching involve?

The initial engagement consists of a proprietary step-by-step Core Money Coaching process that consists of four one-hour sessions that focus on:

● Understanding Your Money History

● Discovering Your Inherited Patterns

● Working with Your Money Archetypes

And much more!

The Facilitator

Karen McAllister is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® She comes to money coaching with over 10 years of experience as a founding member of a non-profit and Social Enterprise in North America and as a meditation teacher. She combines these two areas in a professional and warmhearted way that is truly compelling and effective in her Money Coaching practice. She is currently training to be a Master Coach with the Money Coaching Institute, a pioneer and leader in the emerging field of money coaching based in the USA.

Money Coaching is a professional coaching program that combines psychological principles with practical financial guidance to help clients identify and change their core money patterns and behaviors.

As a Certified Money Coach, Karen has a unique set of tools and techniques to help her clients understand and change how they think, feel, and react to money and financial circumstances. It provides a step-by-step process that guides you to a deeper understanding of your unconscious attitudes, beliefs, and patterns that can prevent you fromexperiencing your full potential, both personally and financially.  


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