SAP Labs Latin America - Month of Service 2016

05 Out 2016 14h - 25 Out 2016 17:15 SAP Labs Latin America

Our enduring commitment to help the world run better and improve people’s lives is more relevant now than ever. It gives us a true north – a purpose that begins with our software and extends to everything we do as SAP.” Bill McDermott

You’ll have the chance to show the world your superpowers to make it a better place. In October, SAP celebrates the Month of Service all around the world. During this period, we will need your hands to spread peace and collaboration, acting on this commitment with everything you’ve got.

All SAP Labs Latin America employees can choose to help children, youth and elders in different activities that involve schools, retirement homes and other institutions. You can join special sessions to touch people’s lives through education, inspiration, support and generosity while also allowing yourself to fill your spirit with good energies and solidarity.

align with your manager prior to registering for the activities.

Subcribe now and secure your activity - spots are limited!

Please note that it's not necessary to print your ticket and SAP offers transport for all the activities that happen out of office.

We're waiting for your participation in this journey to make the world run better! Show us your superpowers :)

Initiatives details:

Reforming of a school for special children: Make a difference in special children’s lives! Help paint and reform Escola Aracy de Paula Hoffmann.

• Nature with Pandorga: Help us give Associação Pandorga’s kids a special day in contact with nature – and have lots of fun!

• Latin Code Week: Empower Latin American students with the coding tools and skills they need to thrive in the 21st Century! This activity will be carried out at SAP Labs Latin America. There will be 4 different sessions.
  • Entrepreneurship and Labor tips (Good speaker profile needed!)
  • Design Thinking (DT Coach needed)
  • SAP Build (Developer profile needed)
  • App Prototype (DT Coaches and developers needed)

• Shadow Employee: Get some students inspired by showing them what you do at work! Show them your routine and how awesome it is to follow a career in the tech area.

• Workshop with Evolurindo: Join this workshop with clowns to transform yourself and impact people’s lives, rescuing the human connection, generosity and lightness.

• Visit to an Institution with Evolurindo: Join Evolurindo clowns in a visit to an Institution in São Leopoldo. Discover the benefits of the clown language to mediate transformation processes. No dress code required – just love :)