The Facilitator Course - Thinking Environment Courses in Brazil

16 Mar 2016 09h - 18 Mar 2016 17h São Paulo

If you are an individual wanting to start or continue your learning about the Thinking Environment, or if you are part of an organisation seeking to instil the Thinking Environment as your organisational culture, then ourcertified Time to Think programmes with Trisha Lord may be just right for you.
The courses will help you to develop mastery in creating easeful yet energising conditions for individuals and groups to think independently, cultivate courage and build up community at this pivotal time.
Each course offers intensive, experiential learning.
will be held in English. A fluent level of English is required, however there will be support for translation if needed.

VIRTUS Desenvolvimento Integral
Ana Münzner
Rua Francisco Rocha 198,
+55 (41) 4042-3501

The Facilitator Course (São Paulo)
Are you interested in becoming a Time To Think Facilitator? After you complete the Foundation Course, this is your next step.
The Facilitator Course (2+1 days) teaches you how to present professionally eight of the applications of a Thinking Environment you explored on the Foundation Course. Completing this course, you then would undertake the Practicum work, supervised by a Time To Think Faculty member. Successfully completing that work, and joining the Time To Think Collegiate, you would become (you will be) qualified as a Time To Think Facilitator.
This programme is a pre-requisite for the Consultants Qualifying Course.
Maximum participants: 6


- Thinking Pairs
- Dialogue in a Thinking Environment
- Rounds
- Open discussion
- Interviews in a Thinking Environment
- Transforming Meetings (Foundation Level)
- Presentations
- The Time To Think Council
- Facilitation of Groups
- Timed Talk (Emerging from Conflict)

Date: 7, 8 and 18th March, 9:00 - 17:00

Venue in São Paulo
Casa Maitrî
Av. Diogenes Ribeiro de Lima, 649 - Alto de Pinheiros Tel 3023 7246
São Paulo, Brazil

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