Tired of filling in the blanks? Creative ways of teaching with songs

20 Ago 2016 09h - 20 Ago 2016 12h Studio Sapienza


Studio Sapienza

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Breakfast with Ideas is an event for English teachers that wish to generate activities to their English classes through cocriation.

The workshop Tired of filling in the blanks? - Creative ways of teaching with songs aims to share some ideas to make classes even more attractive to English students. During the presentation teachers will have the chance to experience practical activities with songs. Throughout the presentation teachers will be able to analyze each activity developed and suggest adaptations to use them in their classroom. The purpose of this presentation is to inspire teachers to have fun while teaching, because we all know how important is enjoying what we do.


9h – Breakfast
9h30m to 11h30m – Workshop: Tired of filling in the blanks? Creative ways of teaching with songs

11h30m – Experience exchange.

To English teachers from Language Courses, Frachising, Regular Schools and Private Teachers.

Investiment: From August 1st to August 12th R$ 30,00 | From August 13th to 19th R$ 40,00 | On the day of the event R$ 50,00
Vacancies: 15
Information: 048 3093-4218 | 048 9119-4917 | fernandaregadas@studiosapienzabrasil.com

Limited number of participants. Do not way for the deadline. Buy now and assure your vacancy and a cheaper value.

Biodata: Fernanda Regadas Campos, an English teacher by passion, holds a degree in Languages from PUCRS. She has taken courses in English as a second language in Daytona Beach and Deland, Flórida , USA. She is the founder of Línguas Idiomas and Breakfast with Ideas. She has been an ELT teacher for over 20 years in which he has attended to several conferences, seminars, workshops, teacher’s training courses and immersion courses. Her experience also includes being a coordinator of language courses and translator at events like Salão do Estudante. Nowadays, as an English Coach at Studio Sapienza, she is working with the development of English teachers and dedicating herself to Breakfast with Ideas.

Studio Sapienza

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