Design & User Experience Workshop

01 Set 2016 16h - 01 Set 2016 18h SAP Labs Latin America

During the last years design has changed from being “a nice thing” to a crucial ingredient of all kinds of technologies. Steve Jobs of Apple is certainly a prominent example for this – but also people like Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra or Tesla’s Elon Musk stand for the enormous rise of the importance of design in our world. And what is true for consumer products is as well valid for oil rigs or control rooms for power station built by companies like General Electric.

With that, design is becoming a necessary skill for every engineer, computer scientist, or economists. Just like being able to speak English.

Join this workshop to hear about design at SAP, what SAP learned from other companies, and how SAP itself is tackling design to create better software. The session will also give you ideas on how you can improve your design know how and gain a plus on the job market.


Christian Stark and Simon Stolz work for SAP in Germany. Christian has a background in electrical engineering, he currently leads the worldwide design awareness campaign for SAP. Simon is a computer scientist who moved into user experience design during recent years.

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Important: The workshop will be given in English, so language knowledge is required.